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Friday, October 2, 2009

Winston Churchill and Pol Roger

So, after I received some good news yesterday, The Husband came home with a bottle of Pol Roger Champagne.

You see, it was Winston Churchill's favorite fizz. (And whatever else you may think of the man, he had absolutely impeccable taste.)

After Sir Winston's passing, Pol Roget even produced a Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill in his honor.

According to The Wine Doctor:

"Pol Roger was Churchill's tipple, and his relationship with the house was cemented when entranced by Odette Pol-Roger, Jacques' wife, when he met her at the British Embassy in November 1944. Churchill became Pol Roger's best, and certainly most influential, customer. He named a winning race horse after Odette, which I think is a compliment. After his death, Pol Roger placed a black border around the labels of Brut NV shipped to the UK. And, in 1984, they released a prestige cuvée named after the great man, starting with the 1975 vintage. The launch of the wine was a grand affair, attended by Lady Soames, Churchill's daughter, who commented of her father, "I saw him many times the better for it, but never the worse." The blend for this cuvée is a closely guarded secret, but it is likely to be a Pinot-dominated cuvée, reflecting the style of wine that Winston preferred."


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